Carl Henry FinanceWe are not the usual type of financiers, we focus on UK Residential property deals but also look at deals in other countries, we only work on deals we believe in and we work with you actively to ensure they are feasible and they advance all the way to completion of the exit route.


Our main activities involve matching the correct type of finance or funding source to the property deal in hand. We have a long experience in Real Estate Property finance starting with brokerages representing CitiBank and Commercial Union in 1982.


Primary forms of finance include;

Bridging Finance - Short term loans that top up your available funds to help you complete deals very quickly.

Development Finance - Property development funding that is made available to you at pre-agreed stages of your property development process.

Equity Finance - If the property project matches our operational requirements we may take a longer term equity stake in the transaction where the loan is payable on completion.

JV Finance - Where we believe in the project we may enter into a Joint Venture agreement with you and provide up to 100% financing.

Property Loans - We will consider medium term property loans particularly where the property will be eligible to be refinanced or there is a clear exit route within 18 months.

Secured Loans - If you have assets we will consider offering loans secured against a wide range of assets.


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